Rapid Growth Parenting 
1-Year Hybrid Coaching Program
The perfect combination of self-study and mentorship.
Without the high price tag of one on one coaching...
Become A Parenting Guru - The Easy Way
Timeouts, takeaways and authoritative dictation have become a habitual ritual when it comes to parenting. 
Guiding behavior in advance with proactive life skills training and consistent planning makes parenting magical. 
Ask The Right Questions
Feel safe and protected to ask your questions in our secret Facebook support group.
Weekly Accountability Calls
Plug in with accountability calls running five days a week. Keep accountable and keep on track. 
Guided Coaching 
We'll guide you through the mindset, habitual and emotional shift from negative to positive with a weekly recorded call every 7 - 14 days for a year.
Watch The Video To See How
The Rapid Growth Parenting Program Helped Myra Transform Her Family. 
"My son went from suicidal to successful, not to mention the growth I've seen in all 4 of my children. The Rapid Growth Parenting Program is life-changing!"
Myra Clarke, Single Mom of 4,  Lethbridge AB
Watch The Video to See How The Rapid Growth Parenting Program Was An Answer To Prayer
"I was desperate and on the brink of hopelessness. I thought I had tried everything. I'm so thankful I could see outside the box and found Creating Champions For Life." 

"It's only been two short months and I already see a significant change." 

Ruth Reynoso, Mom of 1, NY State Division of Human Rights
Is Rapid Growth Parenting Right For You?
Is Rapid Growth Parenting Right For You?
  • ​Would you like to see more happiness, harmony and peace in your home?
  • ​Is your child's current behavior negatively affecting your relationships, health, finances, spirit and mental health?
  • ​Would you love to see an end to temper tantrums and back talk?
  • ​If you change nothing, will your life continue to spiral out of control?
  • ​Would you love your children to follow your directions?
  • ​Are you more than 8/10 committed to help your child and you?
  • ​Can you commit 3 - 5 hours a week to push play and to work on bettering your family?
If you answered yes to the above questions, you're ready for Rapid Growth Parenting!
Here's What You'll Get...
10-Day Virtual Bootcamp for Parents
Begin your journey with a mind-blowing virtual bootcamp that will show you your own personal power as a mom or dad and beyond!

 This bootcamp is designed for you to login every day for 10 days so you can develop the habit of simply logging in! 

This is a pre-requisite for the Learn to Speak Kid program as it will prepare you mind and spirit for the journey. 
Value = $297
Learn to Speak Kid Complete Online Course
This course in itself is life changing with time-tested and proven to get incredible results with thousands of children and hundreds of families. 

Learn to Speak Kid is complete with 121 mini lessons including audio, video, study guides, quizzes and copy. 

Don't be overwhelmed though because we're going to walk you through the entire course step by step with weekly recorded coaching calls sent directly to your inbox. 
Value = $1497
Biweekly Live Webinar with Coaching
Join us live every second Wednesday at noon pacific, or send us your questions and watch the replay. This is your opportunity to work with us and to get answers to any obstacle that may take place during your first year. 

We are here to serve and to help you make it through the transition. Just like changing any habit or lifestyle choice, sticking to it is never easy. Especially, when you're dealing with small humans. 

The difference between good and great is the coach or in this case, coaches!
Value = $2997
Accountability Calls 5 Days a Week
If it weren't for finals in high school, when would anyone study?

Nothing is respected unless it's inspected. Dial in once a week or every day for a year, 5 days a week, and make yourself accountable with an accountability partner. 

Dial in and meet one of our champion moms who've already made the transition to a harmonious, respectful and loving home environment. These amazing moms can help you stick and stay until you see massive success. 
Value = $2497
Connect with Others
The community will take you to another level of learning. This journey isn't easy as you're working to change not only your habits, but your child's as well. 

Being able to communicate and build relationships with others who are on the same journey will give you the power to persist through to your ultimate parenting success. 

You can't put a price on community...
"Our son has made significant progress this year and his behaviors have improved drastically!"
Carrie Janazzo
Mom of 2, Miami FL USA
What's 1 good reason you'd just go for it?
Remember, we take all the risk with our 365 day money back guarantee...

Yearly Plan
Best Value

Complete Year Payment
Billed Complete Year, no set up fee.
  • 10-Day Virtual Bootcamp for Parents
  • Learn to Speak Kid Complete Online Course
  • Biweekly Live Webinar with Coaching
  • Accountability Calls with Thomas
  • Connect with Others
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