Learn to parent in such a way that promotes cooperation & Harmony

Get practical solutions that guarantee more cooperation, respect and harmony with your children. 

From Power Struggles to Peace and Harmony
"My mom and dad used to tell us yes or no. Now we earn goals that we really want." Parth Rathod 

"It's a work in progress. I can only explain it by saying it's like being under water for two minutes before reaching the surface for air. I can not imagine life without joining Creating Champions For Life." Vivek Rathod. 

"Another goal of mine is to help share the CCFL message." Rhada Rathod
The Rathod Family Shares Their Personal Story

Authentic Happiness

I am so grateful to Bonnie and Thomas Liotta for putting this program together. I see improvement with my son every day!
Marie DM, Mom of 2, Qatar

Better Behavior

"I'm so glad we caught my son's behavior issues at this point. Fear has been replaced with confidence. We're now planning study lessons together!"
Nicole Aleskas, Mom of 2, Florida USA

Tremendous Success

CCFL has shown us how to communicate with our son. We are now seeing tremendous success. 
Vivek Rathod, Father of 2, Cary NC

Peace, Happiness & Harmony for Mom and Dad


Authentic happiness comes from the inside out. You have all the power to bring out the best in your child. 


You'll have so much more time and freedom when your children learn to cooperate with you, and each other. 


Self-control is a life skill that will help prevent and dismiss child behavior disorders. 

Team Work

We'll equip you with the parenting tools to promote team work. Team work makes the dream work!


Help your child earn a paycheque they earn, rather than an allowance they're owed. 


CCFL is a set of principles that guarantees peace, harmony and happiness for any family whose parents' choose to engage. 


Your children will love showing off what they're capable of. Allow their confidence to shine by giving them many opportunities to succeed. 


Your children can learn to gain your attention in a proactive and positive way. 


We'll lock arms with you and help you live your best parenting life. 

Youtube Spotlight

Sibling Rivalry?

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Effective Parent-Child Communication

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How to Handle Backtalk

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What You'll Get When You Work With Us

ADHD & ODD Solutions

Prevent or reduce the symptoms of child behavior disorders like ADHD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), anxiety and depression. 

"My son had a discipline problem, not a disorder! It's fixable!"  Carrie Jannazzo

Community Support

Seeing and working with other moms and dads who are on the same exciting path is priceless. 

We have a community for your child with the CCFL Genius Academy. 

Our big kid community is a secret group on Facebook. 


Our 1-year program includes weekly mindset coaching to guide you through the program, tri-weekly live accountability calls to help you keep on track, as well as bi-monthly group coaching. 


One-on-one coaching is also available for qualifying families. 

Online Resources

Discover and master the 12 CCFL principles to produce outstanding child behavior, respect and attitude. 

Family Success Plan

We'll help you learn the skills and develop a unique family success plan guaranteed to produce peace, happiness and harmony in your home. 

More Success Stories

"Making some progress with Michael. He overheard my younger two putting stickers on their charts. A half hour later said he was ready to do his chores. Hurray!"

Roula Nik

"My son if off his medication. That's been my goal since I didn't want to put him on medication but did."

Shylia Brassard, Red Deer, Canada

"I see improvement with my son every day!" 

Marie DM, Qatar

About Bonnie & Thomas Liotta

Bonnie and Thomas Liotta are the most sought out parenting coaches for busy, frustrated parents seeking positive solutions. They are award-winning and admired educators and speakers with a combined experience of more than 50 years in the field of leadership and personal development.


A champion is the victor; one who shows marked superiority.
Raising Healthy, Happy, Cooperative Kids is the perfect combination of history, hope and healing. 

It has been described as the most real, relevant and powerful information to exist for parents and it's our gift to you. 

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