FREE GIFT FOR YOU: Gain immediate access to our brand new 
MUST-READ book for parents, Raising Healthy, Happy, Cooperative Kids!
FREE GIFT FOR YOU: Gain immediate access to our brand new 
MUST-READ book for parents, Raising Healthy, Happy, Cooperative Kids!
  • End confusion as a parent when you discover the crystal clear path to today's breakdown in child mental health.
  • ​Discover the simple truth to help your child develop outstanding mental wellness.
  • Create a closer connection with your child as you learn to build trust and add empowerment to your parenting style.
  • Transform your child’s anger and daily temper tantrums into understanding and cooperation.
  • Authentically empower and inspire your children to happily engage in completing tasks like chores and homework.
Bonnie Liotta — Ex-ADHD Mom of 4, author, speaker and champion for families.
In 2011, the same year I discovered the child-rearing secrets that would transform my home and the world... 

...the school psychologist shared that not only did my 7-year-old son have ADHD, but the worst case of ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) she had ever seen. 

You probably feel as if you've already tried everything you can think of to help your kids calm down and learn. Have you read every parenting book to exist in an attempt to be a great parent? 

Still, at the end of every day — and every doctor's appointment — you find yourself at your wit's end, confused as a parent and desperate for answers... am I right? 

I get it! You are not here by chance or luck. You've been praying to God for a better way and He led you straight to us! 

The truth is that God doesn't make sick kids. Genesis 1:27 God made man in His image. In His image He created them. Male and female He created them. 

Today I enjoy my time with all four of my teenagers. They are no longer on the special needs spectrum. They're confident, respectful, grateful and motivated to succeed in their relationships, school and in life. 
CCFL Has Been A Godsend To Me
I was in a state of despair as a mother. The psychologists and therapists were telling me I was doing everything right, yet, I yearned for a better way... 

My children were being diagnosed with ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) with two of four prescribed medication. There was no other solution to explore.  

I believe God blessed me with an answer to prayer when I discovered Creating Champions For Life. 
Myra Clark and four children ages seven to 18 — Lethbridge AB, Canada

About Bonnie & Thomas Liotta

Bonnie and Thomas Liotta are the most sought out parenting coaches for busy, frustrated parents raising children who display disruptive behaviors. Both Bonnie and Thomas are award-winning and admired educators and speakers.

 CCFL Success Stories!

I am so excited! I’ve been doing what I’m learning in your course. You are really God's instrument! ❤️

- Catalina, Mother of 2 -

Thank YOU! It's wonderful to have hope that I can successfully parent my children into the lives they deserve and stop feeling so exhausted all the time!

- Kimberly, Mother of 3 boys -

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